A content analysis of twitters top athletes

Temple is a top-ranked research university a leader in education, science, healthcare and the arts, we are the powerhouse that charges the philadelphia region. Milford-hoyt, patricia ann, art tweets: a content analysis of social media activity among six top art museums in the usa (2014) lsu master's this study presents a content analysis of twitter posts tagged with one of six institutions understanding professional athletes' use of twitter: a content analysis of athlete. This statistic presents a ranking of the most popular nfl players on twitter as of april 2018, based on the number of followers that month, reggie bush ranked seventh with 315 million followers worldwide. Constituents (ie, fans, athletes, teams, and organizations) is twitter (fisher, 2009 ) in fact of the top-10 most tweets per second recorded on in a content analysis, hambrick et al (2010) examined twitter usage trends from the perspec- tive of professional athletes in their analysis, they adopted coding categories that. Design/methodology/approach the study adopted a content analysis method based on data gathered from the official twitter account of 17 of the highest-paid athletes over a period of five months. Abstract media are often criticized for their portrayal of women's sports and female athletes but athletes now have direct access to their public and potential fans through social media, which give them a chance to frame themselves the way they wish this study is a quantitative content analysis of athletes' twitter profiles. Fans use of social media to follow athletes is becoming more and more popular these days and fans often use this as a looking into the top 100 athletes twitter accounts of the 2015 class showed a good idea of fans investment in content analysis of athlete tweets by marion e hambrick written in 2010, the author.

a content analysis of twitters top athletes Twitter on the other hand is for short bursts of information sheena cox, key account manager at meltwater explains, “whilst all social media content has to tap into the here and now, twitter is the usain bolt of social media channels 140 characters is the fastest way to spread the word whereas facebook.

One way that athletes can boost their brand and engage fans and sponsors is by using the social networking site twitter top athletes often earn the majority of their money through endorsements, and the rise of social networking sites give athletes one more avenue for attracting these endorsement deals (pegoraro and. This case study investigated athletes' use of a specific social-media platform— twitter social media are a rising force in marketing and have been fully embraced by the sport industry, with teams, leagues, coaches, athletes, and managers establishing presences primarily these presences have been focused on twitter. We performed a content and sentiment analysis of 7483 twitter® tweets related to traumatic brain traumatic brain injuries in professional athletes, shared research about sport-related concussions, and discussed policy and safety in injury future work should focus on how social media can best be used to support and. Professional learning on twitter: a content analysis of professional learning conversations among self-organized groups of educators by kelly-ann power a thesis submitted to the faculty of graduate studies through education in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of master of education at the.

Twitter the profiles, background pictures, bibliographies and the content of tweets from 100 ncaa division i student-athletes' twitter accounts were selected to study the results indicated in a content analysis examining how the ncaa division i women's and on the frontstage, actors have to promote their best. @teamusa — the official twitter of the us olympic committee is on the ground in pyeongchang to give updates on the team usa's 242 athletes at the winter games, which is the largest winter olympic team for any nation in history stay up to date on all of the coverage of your favorite athletes with this.

A list of 150 mentions of discovertext in research software tools with machine- learning for text analytics, survey open ends, and twitter data science. Understanding professional athletes' use of twitter: a content analysis of athlete tweets marion e hambriek, jason m simmons, greg p greenhalgh rent study examined twitter use among professional athletes who use twitter to diversion, or non-sport-related communication, had the second highest number.

A content analysis of twitters top athletes

Social media in order to best achieve their individual missions we consider what the profile of particular tweets from corporate and athletes' this analysis identifies those users that are important to the core of the network and those that are in influential positions to share content with a wide community. Introductioncollege athletics have increasingly become more commercialized in terms of financial a content analysis of ncaa division i track and field team's twitter usage: defining best practices in social media marketing by doran, abbey cooper, coyte g mihalik, jason read preview.

  • The online social network twitter has grown exponentially since 2008 the current study examined twitter use among professional athletes who use twitter to communicate with fans and other players the study used content analysis to place 1,962 tweets by professional athletes into one of six categories: interactivity ,.
  • On the front page of nbacom there is a section called nba pulse, which ranks the top three trending players on twitter by “mentions per hour” in real-time twitter has become the epicenter of basketball fandom, a beating heart and a central nervous system, a place where serious statistical analysis flows.
  • Peer-reviewed journals coche, r & leblond, o is the world ready for a female coaching a top athlete analysis of online high power kick: content analysis of the uswnt 2015 world cup victory on american front pages how golfers and tennis players frame themselves: a content analysis of twitter profile pictures.

These six top–level categories can be divided into distinct subcategories for in– depth analysis of twitter using a grounded theory content analysis that combines the existing automated, status announcements triggered by third party applications such as media players, games or software, honeycutt and herring, 2009 8. Athlete twitter use three studies should be recognized for their efforts in establishing twitter as a subject area in sport pegoraro (2010) pioneered this branch of research in an investigation of professional athlete presence on twitter a content analysis of the top five most-followed athlete twitter accounts was conducted. Top 10 polish politicians on twitter – a revolution in politi- cal communication – reconnaissance research keywords: politics, twitter, political communication, content analysis, automatic analysis polish athletes' failures, and most of them appeared after the matches during euro 2012.

A content analysis of twitters top athletes
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